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Praise for The Death Row Complex

The second Katrina Stone novel

Fantastic! I loved this book! It is well written, the people in the book are as complex as all the twists and turns this book took me through!
It kept me guessing throughout the entire book!
The suspense drove me crazy. I just could not put it down and read almost then entire thing in one sitting and forgot to go to bed!!!

I thank the author, Kristen Elise Ph.D for allowing me the pre-read of this book; and it in no way had anything to do with my rating of this book,

I am already looking forward to the Next Katrina Stone book!!!”  
-Lynn Elliott

"The Death Row Complex, a prequel to the entertaining debut novel The Vesuvius Isotope, gives us insight to the earlier life of our heroine Katrina Stone.
Whereas the Vesuvius Isotope took us all over the world, these adventures have a much more intimate setting. The action takes place in San Diego, with brief forays to DC and San Quentin.

The author lovingly crafts her tale, filling the background with nice details that bring the setting alive. I happen to know that the author did a lot of first person research for The Vesuvius Isotope, by visiting Naples and Egypt. I can only wonder at how much time she spent in San Quentin and the SD prison system to make these details seem to real!

The story nicely fills out the earlier life of Katrina Stone, who remains a likeable protagonist. We get a story filled with realistic science details, and a plot that drives forward to its conclusion.

The science seems even more plausible in this story than in the Vesuvius Isotope.
We know there is a bad guy, who will be one of several candidates. The final denouement is a surprise, and I had to go back and reread earlier portions to pick up on the subtle clues leading to that final reveal.

I devoured the book in two sittings, over two evenings.

I am really enjoying this series, and look forward to summer 2017 when the next installment hopefully arrives."
-Amazon Customer

“This is a five star read for me. It's a possible plot line, it could happen. I like the main character Professor Katrina Stone, she is intelligent, determined, take's no nonsense type of woman. We also see through her past how she has built an inner strength and she is going to need it for when a group of people die by a special strand of anthrax and the clues start to point at her, the race is on to catch the real killer, clear her name and work on an antidote to save the many. This story was a great ride, with twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end. Easy to read and will keep you interested to the very end. A side character Katrina's daughter will have you shaking your head, she is one tough cookie.”
-Colleen and Mark Fauchelle

We just bought the book Saturday afternoon, and I had to read it before my wife.
She'll probably finish it Sunday afternoon.
-Christopher Garrod

Praise for The Vesuvius Isotope

The first Katrina Stone novel

“Gripping. Fascinating. Entrancing. The Vesuvius Isotope is 2013's top thriller!”  
-Carolyn Hart, mega-best-selling author of Escape from Paris

"Elise takes us into historic, cultural, medical, and scientific arcana likely to surprise you at every turn… in this brainier-than-Dan-Brown mystery journey."
-Dan Burstein, mega-best-selling co-author of Secrets of the Code

“I really enjoyed this mystery. There was obviously a lot of research that went into the writing of this story and I feel as if I learned a lot, but it didn't feel as if I were being ‘taught.’ By the end, I really cared about the characters, and the pages almost couldn't turn fast enough to find out what happened. Very exciting!”
-Catherine M. Walter, author of The Harmony of Isis

“A fast-paced mystery based partially on scientific possibility and partially on ancient historical conundrum, this story kept me intrigued… First-person narrative and thrilling escapades make the story an exciting escape while the subject matter makes it interesting.”
-Joyce Brown, mystery author

“Katrina Stone is a smarter, sexier version of Robert Langdon. If you like a great murder mystery with a strong female lead, this is for you!”
-KK, Seattle, WA

“This novel is an absolute pleasure to read, its fast pace action combined with history and science liken it to Indiana Jones!”
-Kanaida, Waterlooville, U.K.

“Simply superb. I started reading this one, and abandoned the rest I had been reading along with just to finish this.”
-Sakshi, Bangalore, India

“A perfect beach read with a little bit of mystery, adventure and a lot of suspense… If you enjoy stories about travel, history, libraries, archives, and especially ancient Egypt, then you will surely enjoy this.”
-Khaola, Constantine, Algeria

“This book captures you from the very beginning. It is filled with murder, mystery, magic, medicine, and history. The author delivers the story in a unique and page turning way. I enjoyed every minute of it.”
-Kristine, Ontario, Canada

“This is a gem!… Being an Egyptian… I was a bit apprehensive starting it. Because whenever I read something related to either Ancient Egypt or the modern one, I get this cringe and I'm always disappointed… This book restored my faith—there’s someone out there who gets it. Great work, clearly, my new favorite author.”
-Kariema, Giza, Egypt

“This was my 69th book of the year and my favorite so far. Set in San Diego (my hometown), Italy and Egypt, the story is rich in history and kept me enthralled throughout the entire book. Kristen Elise has written a smart, intellectually stimulating, medical mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat. This is a book I highly recommend. I am eagerly awaiting her next book.”
-Jeanine, San Diego, CA

The Vesuvius Isotope was a gripping adventure through the Mediterranean as well as through time.”
-Hari, Raleigh, NC