The Katrina Stone Novels
Hunting for Medicines Across the Millennia...

Volume 2: The Death Row Complex

Prequel to The Vesuvius Isotope

An anonymous warning is sent to the White House, and a genetically engineered biological weapon is released in a California prison. The unpublished data of biologist Katrina Stone may hold the key to harnessing the lethal bacterium--and to its creation within the desperate world from which biotechnology is born.

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Volume 1: The Vesuvius Isotope

From the ancient ruins beneath Mount Vesuvius, a two-thousand-year-old document has emerged. It is the only text ever attributed to the ambitious, inquisitive, and cryptic last pharaoh of Egypt... 

When her Nobel laureate husband is murdered, biologist Katrina Stone can no longer ignore the secrecy that increasingly crept into his recent behavior. Her search for answers leads to a two-thousand-year-old medical mystery and the life of one of history’s most enigmatic women. Following the trail forged by her late husband, Katrina must separate truth from legend as she chases a scientific breakthrough from ancient Italy and Egypt to a clandestine modern-day war. Her quest will reveal a legacy of greed and murder and resurrect an ancient plague into the twenty-first century. 

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