Kristen Elise was born a scientist and decided at an early age to earn a living as one. A couple of decades and hefty degrees later, her scientific endeavors have led her from immunology through infectious diseases and into oncology. Now a professional drug discovery biologist and life-long travel addict, Kris takes the inspiration for her novels from discoveries made both in and out of the laboratory.

The writing bug infected Kris as it does so many word addicts – by accident. Many years ago, while in the lab hunting for molecular inhibitors of a biological weapon, Kris stumbled upon a powerful activator instead. This discovery, this molecular grenade with the pin still attached, went into a freezer in a world-renowned research institute where it remains to this day. But not before prompting the question: what if?

Simultaneously, a literary friend challenged Kris to try her hand at story telling. So from the molecular grenade with the pin still attached, The Death Row Complex was born.

Kris' work as a cancer drug hunter converged with a research trip through Italy to spark her debut novel. Once ignited, The Vesuvius Isotope erupted like the volcano itself - sending Kristen Elise and her readers on a global quest to investigate several non-fictional mysteries that have endured for more than two thousand years. More historical thriller than science thriller, The Vesuvius Isotope blurs the lines between fact and fiction, medicine and magic, science and superstition, history and legend.

When the idea for The Vesuvius Isotope struck, Kris promptly locked The Death Row Complex into the freezer alongside the molecule that inspired it. Now that The Vesuvius Isotope is a reality, The Death Row Complex will emerge. Look for it in 2014.

The novels of Kristen Elise explore historical and scientific mysteries and reveal the underworld of today’s pharmaceutical industry. Of course, these revelations are strictly fictional (because big pharma has big lawyers) but they bring the reader through global adventures that remind us of one truth: the Ph.D. is bound by no Hippocratic Oath.

Kristen Elise lives in San Diego, California with her husband, stepson, and three canine children. When not investigating historical mysteries, she continues to hunt for drugs and the stories they tell.