Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Murder USA is Here!

Well color me thrilled! Murder USA is finally a reality!

If you like reading mysteries, thrillers, hard-boiled, or cozy... psychological or historical or action-packed or funny. If you like reading any brand of crime fiction whatsoever, please download your free copy at your choice of the links below. There is a wonderfully diverse collection of authors that came together to give us Murder USA and I'm delighted to be sharing this work with you. Enjoy! 

Please note that I don't think Murder USA will EVER be free on Nook, but I hear that Nook users can download it for free on Smashwords. It's free on some of the Amazon sites (including U.S.), but we might need help from readers to make it free on Amazon in countries where it's currently showing the equivalent of $0.99 (they can click on the link that says 'Tell us about a lower price' and then link the iTunes site for the same country. Or they can just ask me for a copy.)

So without further delay, here are the links. Please feel free to download the book from here, send these links to readers, and forward this post along. 

Amazon (any country)

Happy hunting,