Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Field: San Diego's Best Irish Pub as Featured in a Deleted Scene

The Field, San Diego
As they crossed the street, three blond, inebriated young women were crossing in the other direction while singing, each in a key totally unmatched with the other two.
  “What do you do with a drunken sailor?  What do you do with a drunken sailor?  What do you do with a drunken sailor?  Early in the MORNING!!”
The girls burst into fits of laughter as they passed, losing the ability to sing at all.  Katrina and McMullan exchanged a highly amused glance as the same tune met them again, this time being played by a legitimate band.
“Shave his belly with a rusty razor, shave his belly with a rusty razor, shave his belly with a rusty razor, earl-eye in the MORNING!”
“Kick ass!” said McMullan as they neared “The Field,” San Diego’s boasted most authentic Irish pub.

“I can only assume you’re Irish?” Katrina said.
“Sean Patrick McMullan…what do you think!?”
Katrina held out her hand.
“Formerly Katrina McGuire.  My grandfather was affectionately known as “The East Texas Leprachaun.”
The two shook hands dramatically.
     Sean pretended not to have already known his companion’s maiden name.  The nickname for her grandfather was, indeed, news to him, and he realized that not everything within this woman’s world had been revealed to the FBI.
     “This place is the real deal,” Katrina said.  “Literally - even the wood used to build it was imported from Ireland.  They’ve got all the good stuff on tap, and if you’re into traditional Irish food, you’re in for something.”
As she said it, she realized that she had not eaten dinner and was totally famished.  Without further discussion, they stepped toward the door.  As they did, they could overhear the driver of a passing pedi-cab saying to his fare, “…and that’s ‘The Field’.  It’s an actual Irish bar; they brought it here from Ireland piece by piece.”
Katrina turned to McMullan and said with a smile, “Told you.”

        An outside patio was enclosed by an iron railing that broke in the middle, allowing access to the front door from the sidewalk on Fifth Avenue.  Beneath the railing was a thick wooden ledge holding ashtrays.  Chunky wooden stools in front of the ledge were occupied by small groups of smokers, feeding their collective vice while glancing at passers-by.  

        The inside of the pub, like all establishments in San Diego for many years, was smoke free.  Nonetheless, a discerning nose could easily pick up the scent of ancient tobacco, embedded forever into the dark wood that built the tables, chairs, stools, bar and rafters.  The imposing character of the thick wood created a dark environment that was warmed by the glow of a large fireplace opposite the bar.  To the left of the bar, a small, raised stage held the three piece band still singing about a drunken sailor.
         Small nooks held deep booths with padded benches and chairs; Katrina and McMullan settled into one, both sitting at the bench against the wall so as to observe the action in the room.

“Whot ken I gait fair yeh, Love?” a waitress asked.
“Two Guinesses and two menus, please,” Katrina shouted over the band, and winked at McMullan.  As the bartender skipped off to pour the beers, Katrina leaned in to her companion, her mouth almost touching his ear as she spoke.
“Oh yeah, the staff is imported as well,” she said.

The above is a deleted scene from best-selling thriller The Death Row Complex by Kristen Elise.  

From the author:
The Irish pub in which Katrina and McMullan had dinner in the novel is based heavily on The Field. In the interest of not being sued, I had originally changed the name of the pub before deciding that the scene detracted a bit from the action that was going on at the time and removing it altogether... but now, here is the original scene, including the authentic background of the pub, for readers who would like to know a little bit more about this fun little slice of San Diego.

The Field really is San Diego's best Irish pub (in my opinion) and it really did come piece by piece from Ireland. It's a favorite haunt of mine. What Katrina and McMullan encounter there is typical of a Friday or Saturday evening downtown. If you visit my neck of the woods and you like Irish food, it's my #1 recommendation. Slainte!

Visit The Field at 544 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92101