Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yes, I'm Still Alive

Just wanted to provide a quick update for my readers who might think I have fallen off the face of the earth. The reason I haven't been around so much these last few months is that I've gone from full-time bench scientist to full-time author to full-time facilities coordinator. Let me explain.

As most of you know, I have been a research scientist since God was a child. I had been working for several years for a major pharmaceutical company. I won't say which one but it starts with a Pf. In February of 2013, said pharma company eliminated my whole biotech subunit, so about a hundred of us were laid off. Some cried. I cheered, because this meant gaining that elusive luxury - time - and a severance package with which to complete The Vesuvius Isotope.

So, I spent an entire year between March, 2013 and February, 2014, as a full-time author. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I learned that sales of a single novel - even though mine were pretty good - don't pay as well as being a full-time scientist and ultimately, noveling couldn't pay the bills. My husband - my knight in shining armor - bravely and brilliantly bore the financial burden for the both of us for a long time. But there came a time when I started to feel guilty about that and frankly, I also missed drug discovery. So I went back to work.

I'm now working at a small biotech, which is much more my style. My colleagues are cool and we're doing some great science with the objective of developing cancer immunotherapies. In the interest of keeping my work and my writing separate, I won't say what the company is, but I'm sure any stalkers on this site who are determined enough can figure it out. I'm heading a brand new lab which I have gotten to build from the ground up (as in, literally selecting the building, signing the lease, hiring the staff, and putting the equipment in place.)

Which is how I've come to refer to myself as the highest paid facilities coordinator in San Diego county. It's amazing what I've learned about the ventilation requirements for a biosafety cabinet, how to connect an ice maker drain that runs overhead, and what triple net means. That's all great, but now I'm ready to do science again and I promise, there will be some great medicines coming out of my lab very soon.

Meanwhile, I am still editing The Death Row Complex in collaboration with the tireless Cyndie Duncan, and I do still hope to release it in the next year-ish.

Thanks to whoever is reading this for your patience, and happy reading.


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