Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Vesuvius Isotope in San Diego Book Awards Finals!

Hello to all...

First, let me apologize for dropping off in recent months. I am back at work in my "other" career and have been busy building a new laboratory dedicated to molecular discovery of cancer immunotherapies.

But I'm popping back up because The Vesuvius Isotope is a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards Mystery category! Please step on over to the page and check out the other books nominated.

In other news, we are still editing The Death Row Complex and hope to get it out later this year. Thanks to all for your support,

Cheers and happy reading,


  1. Congrats on making the award list and on the new job! Glad to hear you're doing okay. I'm still working away on my novel's first draft . . . getting close now with about 75k words.

  2. Thanks Elliott! Glad to hear your book is moving along. Can't wait to read it. BTW, I sent someone your direction on Murder Lab...a new member looking for medical advice. You can find the comment in the "New Members Start Here" section. Cheers,