Monday, July 1, 2013

The Vesuvius Isotope OFFICIAL LAUNCH!

The Vesuvius Isotope has arrived!

The novel is now officially available via multiple channels. To learn more about it and pick up a copy, please click here. To read a sample, please click here.

In celebration of its debut, a 20-stop blog tour was planned. But once the tour began coming together, it became evident that we should just go ahead and do a whole month!

So below is the revised itinerary for the blog tour, which is now 32 stops long! As is customary, this tour will include interviews, excerpts and guest posts designed to introduce readers to the book and its author. In addition to these "traditional" stops, there will also be a few less-traditional tour stops fleshing out non-fictional aspects of the book: real-life mysteries and themes explored in the book, and introductions to some of its lesser-known settings and locales in Italy and Egypt. As part of the latter, a few "Trip-A-Day Intermissions" - virtual visits featuring one new locale per day - will take place here on my site each day between tour stops on other blogs.

I would like to extend an enormous thank-you to each and every one of these hosts who have so graciously offered to participate in this tour, as well as a monumental thank-you to my friend Sunny Frazier, who has introduced me to many of these fabulous folks. I would like to encourage all of you to check out these blogs, bookmark them, and check back frequently to support a great group of people on the web. And also because their blogs are really entertaining!

There is also a giveaway throughout the month of July on Goodreads. And without further delay...the finalized tour stops are as follows:

Date        Host                 Blog                           Topic        

July 1                 Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                    Official Launch
                                                                                              Updated blog tour schedule

July 2                 Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                    The Vesuvius Isotope Itinerary
                                                                                              The travels of protagonist Katrina Stone

July 3         Tim Desmond         Tim Desmond's Blog          CSI and Caducei
                                                                                              An author interview

July 4         Sara McBride          Novel Travelist                   The Buried Books of Herculaneum
                                                                                              A Novel Travelist Mystery, Installment 6

July 5         James Callan           The Author's Blog              A Very, Very Bad Week
                                                                                              Guest post by protagonist Katrina Stone

July 6         Stephen Brayton     Brayton's Briefs                   Riding Camels in the Desert
                                                                                              An "Around the Globe" interview

July 7         Lesley Diehl           Another Draught                 An Accident, a Dare, 
                                                                                              and a Massive Lay-off
                                                                                              My "Why I Became a Writer" Story

July 8         John Brantingham  John Brantingham's Blog     Art Imitating Life
                                                                                              An author interview

July 9         William Doonan     Novel Spaces                      Writing Like a Man
                                                                                              A guest post on gender in mystery writing

July 10       Cory Cuthbertson   Coryographies                     The Crocodile Library of Tebtunis
                                         Musings of a Paleolinguist           True story of a 2000-year-old database

July 11       Theresa Valera        Latina Libations                  Transitions
                                                                                              An author interview

July 12        Chris Swinney       Chris Swinney's Blog         The Sacrificial Lamb
                                                                                              Excerpt from The Vesuvius Isotope

July 13        Maria Ruiz             Maria Ruiz' Blog                 All Things Books and Writing
                                                                                              An author interview

July 14        Joyce Brown          Our Retirement Journeys    The Facts Behind the Fiction
                                                  Read Like Cozy Mystery    An author interview

July 15        Maggie Bishop      Dames of Dialogue             An American Imposter in Egypt 
                                                                                              My solo novel-research tour of Egypt

July 16        Velda Brotherton   Gutsy Women Who            The Gutsy Woman Who Won the East
                                                  Won The West                    Mysteries in the life of Cleopatra VII

July 17        Denise Weeks        Denise Weeks' Blog            Kill Google First
                                                                                              Keeping the Internet out of your mystery

July 18        E.A. Aymar           E.A. Aymar's Blog              Best Moments and Worst Jokes
                                                                                              An author interview

July 19        Ilene Schneider                         See Naples and Die
                                                                                              Excerpt from The Vesuvius Isotope

July 20              Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                     Who Owned the House of the Faun?
                                                                                              A Trip-A-Day Intermission

July 21              Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                     Black Death From Above
                                                                                              A Trip-A-Day Intermission

July 22              Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                     The Roots of Rome
                                                                                              A Trip-A-Day Intermission

July 23              Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                     Italy's Best Kept Secret:
                                                                                              Cappella Sansevero
                                                                                              A Trip-A-Day Intermission

July 24        Gray Cargill           Solo Friendly                      The Protagonist's Trip: Solo Travel
                                                                                              For the Author 
                                                                                              How travels become stories and vice versa

July 25              Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                     Billete! How to Go to Jail in Naples
                                                                                              A Trip-A-Day Intermission

July 26              Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                     Naples Versus Cairo:
                                                                                              Cairo Wins on the Chaos Scale
                                                                                              A Trip-A-Day Intermission

July 27            Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                       How to Do Naples
                                                                                              A Trip-A-Day Intermission

July 28            Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                       How to Do Cairo
                                                                                              A Trip-A-Day Intermission

July 29        Maggie Bishop      Dames of Dialogue             A Dive to the Museum
                                                                                             Baiae Underwater Archeological Park

July 30               Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                   How to Do Luxor
                                                                                             A Trip-A-Day Intermission

July 31               Kristen Elise, Ph.D.                                   How to Do an Egyptian Temple Tour
                                                                                             A Trip-A-Day Intermission

August 1     Sara McBride        Novel Travelist                   The Buried Books of Herculaneum
                                                                                             A Novel Travelist Mystery, Installment 7
Buy The Vesuvius Isotope in print or ebook.

From the ancient ruins beneath Mount Vesuvius, a two-thousand-year-old document has emerged. It is the only text ever attributed to the ambitious, inquisitive, and cryptic last pharaoh of Egypt...

When her Nobel laureate husband is murdered, biologist Katrina Stone can no longer ignore the secrecy that has increasingly pervaded his recent behavior. Her search for answers leads to a two-thousand-year-old medical mystery and the life of one of history’s most enigmatic women. Following the trail forged by her late husband, Katrina must separate truth from legend as she chases medicine from ancient Italy and Egypt to a clandestine modern-day war. Her quest will reveal a legacy of greed and murder and resurrect an ancient plague into the twenty-first century.

Kristen Elise, Ph.D. is a drug discovery biologist and the author of The Vesuvius Isotope and The Death Row Complex. She lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, stepson, and three canine children. 

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