Friday, July 26, 2013

Comments on...comments off...comments on...comments off...

Since converting this website into a blogger format, I have been schitzophrenic about whether or not to allow comments. On the one hand, this is my official website and a part of me feels it should be "website-like." Which would mean professional. Which would, potentially, mean you can read it but not participate. So I kept turning comments off.

On the other hand, the whole purpose of converting it to a blogger format was to make it a bit more interactive and dynamic, as opposed to a stationary page offering information but no dialogue. Professionalism be damned. So from time to time, I have turned comments back on. Which is why there are currently a few meager posts with comments and the rest of the posts have none.

There must be a full moon or something, because the part of me that wants to allow comments has just emerged again. Comments are turned on. Comment away! Until the next new moon.

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