Thursday, June 6, 2013

Print Books vs. EBooks - Don't Forget Fonts!

CreateSpace, here we come!

How cool is Damonza's Awesome Book Covers? The ebook is being formatted, and the formatting for the print book is DONE! The copyright has been registered and the novel has been uploaded to CreateSpace. I can't wait to see the proof.

For all of you e-book people, I want to give you a heads up about something: The print book for The Vesuvius Isotope will be soooooo much cooler. I ended up with FIVE different fonts in this text:

1. Bookman Old Style for all regular text, frequently italicized.
2. Copperplate Bold for all ancient documents.
3. Courier New for all text messages and e-mails.
4. Herculaneum (no WAY I could have NOT written this font into this book...) for a couple of ancient mosaics and section breaks.
5. Mistrel as part of the Murder Lab Press logo.

Now here's the bad news. E-books don't allow this. I had to pick one font and go with it (in fact, I didn't even get to pick it, now that I think about it.) So italics and bold are the only options for distinguishing one text from another. So...the Copperplate sections became simply bold, and the other three fonts went the way of the dodo. Which is fine - it's still good reading - but not nearly as visually cool in my humble opinion.

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